Quik-Latch Hood Pins and Multi Purpose Push Button Fasteners

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Customers please be aware: Quik-Latch Counterfeit Warning

Quik-Latches were originally designed with automotive applications in mind, but other industries have taken notice and are utilising them as well, including: marine, industrial, interior design, cabinetry and even sporting goods & outdoors. 

In automotive applications, the Quik-Latch mini latches are highly effective removable fasteners for body panels, hoods, trunks, and interior compartments. The amount of potential applications for the Quik-Latch mini latch is only limited to the imagination of the installer. 

 In addition to installation onto automobiles, the mini Quik-latch has also been put into service across a wide range of industrial, interior design, cabinetry and marine applications.  If you have an application that involves an enclosure, a door, or removable panel that needs to close & open repeatedly, or if you have a project that needs to be able to attach and detach repeatedly, the multi purpose mini quick-latch may be the solution for your latching needs.

Quik-Latch hood pin kits also present a great solution in case you've ever found yourself tired of the traditional style of hood pins that rust, &  lanyards that scratch the paint or if you have lost your pins because you removed the lanyards.

Quik latch hood fasteners solve these problems with a sleek, and simple yet elegant snap shut and quick release action. Quik Latch hood fasteners mount to the hood, and line up with studs placed on the core support, or other bracket. Once the hood is closed, Quik Latch fasteners automatically latch to the studs mounted on the core support, and will not release the hood until the centre button on the top of the mechanism is depressed. Quik Latch products will not rust, can be painted to match your car, and are manufactured in the United States. Customers who utilise Quik Latch hood fasteners can rest assured knowing that they are adding style, function, and exclusivity to their custom cars. Any reputable custom auto shop should be able to install Quik Latch products for you, or you can choose to self-install. 

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